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As an Aid to Healing
by Cynthia Hess

reprinted from Natural Living Magazine

As we enter a new era with alternative medicine, longevity, microscopic surgeries, super foods and sup supplements, there has been an emerging interest in medical intuition. Although it has been around for centuries, this area is the least understood. Part of the problem is that it is not taught in the school system and man looks at it as something outside himself and not as another vestige or untapped potential of his own mind. 

The intuitive field is widely used in England and has been researched all over the world. The Russians spent millions of dollars exploring psychic energy and its purpose. The results of their research are published in a book called "Behind the Psychic Iron Curtain". our own government staged a program called "Stargate" utilizing intuition and distant viewing for military purposes. There is little known even today about why and how certain individuals posses such qualities. Many psychics or intuitives seem to have talents in very specialized areas, such as communication with the deceased, prophecy, or finding missing persons.

Although I have an extensive background in all facets of the paranormal, the area most interesting to me and the area of my expertise lies in the area of holistic health. Since becoming aware of my insight between the age of five and seven, I searched for its purpose and how to utilize it to its fullest extent. Upon reading a book by the late Edgar Cayce, "There Is A River", at fourteen, I immediately identified with this man and my path began to unfold. I experimented with castor oil packs, learned about vitamins and nutrition, and attended lectures by medical professionals on the latest findings.

In my opinion, there are many roads that lead to wellness. Whether one chooses traditional or non-traditional paths, the ultimate objective is to find the problem and then begin the process of healing. As an intuitive, I have the advantage of being able to see past, present and future simultaneously. This gives me an insight into getting impressions of an illness' predisposition and where it may ultimately end up. Because I am sensitive on a vibrational level I can energetically "see" potential problems of various organs. I can intuitively detect trouble spots in the circulatory system, any infections, growths and nutritional deficiencies. Each has a certain energetic pattern which I can sense as a smell, taste, vision or feeling in my own body.

As a medical intuitive, I combined my knowledge of astrology, my psychic vision and a sense of an individual's physical, emotional and vibrational bodies to "feel" what the person needs to know. I have documented cases and testimonies of successful health predictions and have demonstrated this successfully via live readings on local and national radio. I work with medical doctors and practitioners and psychologists and have referred thousands of people to specialists all over the country.

I believe that illness begins spiritually and then begins to breakdown the mental, emotional, and finally the physical body. After being in practice for twenty-eight years and seeing thousands of cases, I began noticing patterns. For example, many women who have had physical and sexual abuse had undergone full hysterectomies by the age of twenty-five. Children who came from divorced families had severe allergies and even asthma. Men under financial stress and career conflict had a tendency for lower back pain, disc problems and migraines. Name your emotional problem and you can name your corresponding illness. Also, I believe that many hereditary problems are passed down from generation to generation by poor lifestyle and eating habits. If Momma is depressed, I guess I'll be depressed. If Grandma cooks everything fried, then everyone down to granddaughter learns to cook this way, and now we all have gall bladder problems. 

There is no "instant formula" to getting well. If it took twelve years to break down physically, then one can expect some time for rebuilding and recovery. Having a regular schedule of maintenance nutritionally is really the key. We have a tendency not to fix anything until it breaks down, especially our health. Each of us has areas of our body which are more vulnerable to illness than others. If we know we have a certain weak area of our body, we should do whatever is necessary to nurture that area to maintain a healthy system before it goes into crisis. It is also important to keep a positive attitude and do something to nurture ourselves spiritually such as : yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, visualization for a healthy aura.

Also, as spiritual beings, we are a vibrational body. We all respond to a particular color, number, sound, and resonant vibration. Astrologically, Fire signs would respond to warmth and heat. Water signs would need to take in plenty of fluids as well as water cures. Air signs require proper ventilation and maybe even oxygen. Earth signs draw healing from the earth itself or minerals, or the outdoors.

All in all, we must nurture ourselves on a physical level to keep our chakra and psychic energy high. This is done by supporting our major glandular centers. Also by supporting our brain centers, we can balance and enhance our own psychic ability because it is my belief that all have this ability and all can learn to use it.

Through the inspiration of my own vision and with the collaboration of medical professionals, I have developed certain glandular supplements which I believe can help enhance our vibrational harmony. I have created VISION FORMULAS 2000  including the following three nutritional support products:

E.S.P. Boost - to support brain function.

Chakra Balance - to support major glandular chakra centers.

Aura Clear - to support body detoxification.

For more information and to order these supplements,

Cynthia Hess


ARIES (Fire) High fevers, head area, stress headaches, blood pressure.

TAURUS (Earth) Thyroid, throat, cholesterol, diabetes, weight problems.

GEMINI (Air) Asthma, environmental allergies, bronchitis, nervous exhaustion.

CANCER (Water) Stomach, ulcers, breast, fibrous conditions.

LEO (Fire) Heart, back (disc) problems, blood disease, alcohol.

VIRGO (Earth) Lower digestion, gall bladder, colon, food allergies.

LIBRA (Air) Kidney, bladder, glandular, blood pressure, lymphatic.

SCORPIO (Water) Reproductive organs, glandular, low-grade infections, addiction.

SAGITTARIUS (Fire) Blood disorders, cholesterol, gout, sports injuries.

CAPRICORN (Earth) Muscular and arthritic, skin conditions, psoriasis, depression.

AQUARIUS (Air) Vision, respiratory, sprains, psychological blocks.

PISCES (Water) Difficulty being diagnosed, immune system, allergies to medications.

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