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  • Natal, progressed and solar return charts
  • Detailed astrological reports for you, your relationships, and your children
  • Numerology report
  • Winning Cycles report
If you have not filled out the info form for ordering charts, please go HERE FIRST before ordering.
Basic Astrology Charts $5.00 ea.
* Natal Chart
* Progressed Chart
* Solar Return Chart

Astrological Reports $35.00 ea.

More detailed report than the basic chart.
Choose from Your Astro Profile
   or a Friends and Lovers Summary Report.

* Your Astro Profile
* Friends & Lovers Summary
Detailed charts and interpretations of your relationships.
*Choose Relationships Chart for your interaction with a family member or a friend.
* Choose Love Relations Chart for interaction with a romantic interest, a significant other or a spouse.
* Relationship Report
* Love Relations Report
Child's Astrological Report $20.00
* Child's Report
Astro TimeLine
Your day by day astrological forecast.
* 3 Month Report   $10.00
* 6 Month Report   $20.00
* 1 Year Report     $35.00

Winning Cycles Report
* One Day Report      $5.00
* One Week Report  $25.00
* One Month Report $75.00
* One Year Report  $500.00

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