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Shipping/Handling Policy:
A charge of $5.00 is added to cover shipping and handling of your order.

Privacy Policy:
Your personal information will not be shared with any other company.

Return Policy:
Because of the nature of the nutritional products, we cannot accept returns if the products have been opened. If the products have not been opened, please contact us for return information.

Charts are prepared specifically for the person who orders and cannot be returned.

About Intuitive Visions, Inc.
Intuitive Visions, Inc., was founded by CYNTHIA HESS, professional psychic. Cynthia has provided professional radio, television and print interviews on the subjects of psychic abilities, parapsychology, astrology, psychic investigation, developing your intuition, past lives and dream interpretation. Her live, on-air readings have amazed and helped thousands of listeners all over the nation - and generated ratings and listener excitement for the host stations.

Consulted by doctors, accountants, educators, police, private investigators and professionals in all fields, Cynthia has given thousands of readings, as well as lectures on parapsychological and metaphysical subjects, including her specialty - medical intuition.


Home About Cynthia Media Info Readings/Classes Products