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Cynthia Hess
founder of Intuitive Visions, Inc.,
is a gifted psychic and teacher.

Cynthia recognized her talent at an early age, but only realized the purpose of her abilities upon discovering Edgar Cayce's biography. She then spent several years accelerating and fine-tuning her intuitive senses under the direction of her teacher.

Over the past three decades, Cynthia has given thousands of readings as well as lectures on parapsychological and metaphysical subjects. She is consulted by doctors, accountants, educators and professionals in all fields, often aiding police and private investigators in locating missing persons. Cynthia has been a popular radio show host on six stations in New Mexico alone, in addition to national appearances on television and in publications.

She writes the STARGUIDE astrological forecast published as a monthly column for Natural Living Magazine.

She lends her talents to investigations of hauntings as well.

Having dedicated her life to spirituality, intuitive development and human potential, Cynthia Hess brings to the public a variety of services: on-air appearances, intuitive development classes, lectures and private readings.

In Albuquerque, Cynthia works in intuitive health diagnosis with a number of medical professionals.
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"I was very pleased with the reading I received from you nine months ago. Your words made a big difference to me and gave me the impetus I needed to have hope and to fight for my life. Now, I have become strong again, physically and mentally."

Palms Springs, CA

"Thank you for giving me such good instructions as to where I would find my wedding ring! The fact that you were able to trace back how I misplaced it and describe where it was is really incredible. God has given you a very precious and important 'special gift'."

Albuquerque, NM



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