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Cynthia Hess
is available for radio, television and print interviews.
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CYNTHIA HESS has provided professional radio, television and print interviews on the subjects of psychic abilities, parapsychology, astrology, psychic investigation, developing your intuition, past lives and dream interpretation Her live, on-air readings have amazed and helped thousands of listeners all over the nation - and generated ratings and listener excitement for the host stations.

Consulted by doctors, accountants, educators, police, private investigators and professionals in all fields, Cynthia has given thousands of readings, as well as lectures on parapsychological and metaphysical subjects.

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Press Releases

"Our listeners are caught completely off-guard by how much Cynthia knows about them. It never ceases to amaze us just 'how on' she is.  We could go on and on about just how talented and gifted Cynthia Hess is..."

Gary Chrisman
& Gail Blair
The Chrisman Morning Show
Clear Channel Radio

"We have never had a guest that lights up the switchboard quite like you do. I have been in radio a long time and I have never seen anything like what you can do over the air."

Sandy Horowitz
Program Director
107.9 The Edge

Astrology Columns
"StarGuide™"   Sunday Albuquerque Journal
"Astro Guide" Prime Time Monthly
"Lucky Stars " Entertainer & Jackpot Magazine - monthly
"Astro Guide" Living Natural Magazine - monthly
National Media Appearances
"Strange Universe"   Syndicated TV series has featured
Cynthia's phenomenal accuracy
in live readings for call-in listeners.
"The Psychic Roundtable"   Manhattan Cable TV Show on the paranormal, NYC.
New Mexico Media Appearances
101.5 FM JAMZ   Wednesday mornings
106.3 KAGM-FM "The Range"   Numerous guest appearances
104.1 KABQ-FM   Astrological Forecast
770 KKOB-AM   Selected Sunday mornings
Arrow 102.5 FM Numerous guest appearances
93.3 KOB-FM   Numerous guest appearances
107.9 KTEG-FM   Numerous guest appearances
97.3 KISS-FM   Numerous guest appearances
92.3 KRST-FM   Selected Thursday evenings
Mega 95.5 FM Numerous guest appearances
105.1 FM Friday mornings 8-9 am
94 ROCK   Numerous guest appearances
KVSF-AM    Numerous guest appearances
KOAT-TV  Numerous guest appearances
KOB-TV   Numerous guest appearances
KRQE-TV   Numerous guest appearances
KASA-TV   Numerous guest appearances
U.S. Radio Appearances
KOPT 1600 - Eugene, OR
"Breakfast with Nancy"
  Guest appearances
WXDO - Chicago
"The Kevin Matthews Show"
Guest appearances
WNEW - New York
 "The Ron and Fez Show" (Syndicated)
Guest appearances
97.3 Kiss FM - Lubbock, TX Guest appearances
KPTY 103.9 FM - Phoenix, AZ   Monday evenings
Power 106 FM - Los Angeles. CA   Guest appearances
Radio WHP - Harrisburg, PA   Guest appearances
WMRH-FM - Waupen, WI Guest appearances
WKSB-FM - Williamsport, PA Guest appearances
WLIR-FM - Long Island, NY Guest appearances
KMSD AM/FM - Millbank, SD Guest appearances
Print Interviews

September Sacrifice, by Mark Horner
Includes Cynthia in a chapter in his book about the Girly Chew Hossencofft case. Link

Albuquerque Journal   Albuquerque Tribune
Weekly Alibi   NuCity
Crosswinds   On The Scene
Living Natural Magazine New Mexico Woman
NM Sports & Wellness The NM Daily Lobo

Schedule Cynthia Hess for an appearance on your station. Contact Intuitive Visions:

Station Managers:
Request an Audio or Video Reel
of Cynthia on-air.

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