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A line of nutritional supplements to enhance your health and harmony developed especially by Cynthia Hess and Intuitive Visions, Inc.   

Vision Formula 2000 Supplements

"Through the inspiration of my own vision and with the collaboration of medical professionals, I have developed VISION FORMULAS 2000: certain glandular supplements which I believe can help enhance our vibrational harmony."    
- Cynthia Hess

ESP Boost™: A synergistic blend to help achieve clarity of thought and enhance intuitive consciousness.
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Optical brain function is necessary to increase extrasensory perception and heighten the intuitive potential. The Nutrients in this supplement are essential to healthy brain function thereby optimizing performance.

Chakra Balance™: Chakra glandular support to achieve vibrational harmony for health and well being.
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Balancing chakra energy is essential to achieving vibrational harmony for health and well being. These glandular supplements provide support for each respective chakra endocrine organ to optimize function.

Aura Clear™: Gentle and effective detoxification to achieve aura clarity.
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Toxic vibration may be reflected in the aura as a result of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. This combination of nutrients enhances the process of detoxification, improving the clarity of the aura.

Empowering Bath Salts (from France) with Aromatherapy
To enhance the vibration and manifest a specific energy in your life. Each comes with a special meditation.
$12.00 each.
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You may choose from the following in the next cart window:

1. INTUITION with Jasmine
2. PROSPERITY with Cedar
3. HEALING with Myrrh
4. LOVE with Ylang Ylang

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