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Introducing "WINNING CYCLES" from Cynthia Hess

As the song goes, "there is a season, turn, turn, turn and a time for every purpose under heaven." As an astrologer for over 30 years, I know that timing is everything. People have come to me from all walks of life to get insight as to why certain events happened and what the future holds.

Did you ever notice that you fall in love and emotionally you are in a state of bliss and then come money problems? Maybe you are doing well in the financial department and then you develop health issues. These are very predictable events and being forewarned gives you the tools and understanding to handle whatever life deals you.

During my career and as a supporter of gaming, I began to notice that people would win and then two hours later lose it all. In addition, I have a lot of clients who play cards and tournaments and they would have great results one day and disastrous the next.I began to search for a more detailed way of helping them get an edge on their high and low cycles.

So, I stumbled upon an Astrological formula that charts out winning cycles and downward trends. I tested this method out on myself and many of my friends to see how they fared. One client told me that when he was in his winning cycle, he hit the slots and although he didn’t win a huge jackpot, he was consistently winning. When he was headed toward the down cycle, he hit nothing or very little.

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Winning Cycles from Cynthia Hess, as seen in Casino Entertainer Magazine    


Let Psychic Cynthia Hess show you how with her “Winning Cycles” calculated Astrological System. Finding out your lucky days and hours has never been easier through this proven method. Increase your chances of winning and get a players edge when you know exactly when to act and when to pass. Also great for the best time to begin any new business venture, investments, job interviews and more!

Winning Cycle Reports are available for the day, week, and months or year We need your birthdate, time and location and then where you will be either playing your game of chance or making a business deal.

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1 Week
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1 Year

If you want an edge on your game, contact me at:


THANK YOU SO MUCH for this Winning Cycles chart! Yesterday, I went to Sandia Casino. You had told me to play between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. I won $320.00 on a bonus round at a penny machine at 12:45 p.m.. Anyway, thank you.

M.B. - Santa Fe

Just wanted you to know your Winning Cycles charts worked great at Tahoe. I wish I had gotten one for here for the rest of the month.

R.E. - Albuquerque



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